Not sure if this is your first time reading my advice on travel toys or if you’ve been keeping up with suggestions over time. But on our last trip I bought my oldest son a Melissa and Doug Wooden Magnetic Pattern Kit. I could go on and on about how great this toy is for traveling. Long story short he loved playing with it and the board itself served as a great surface for not only it’s designed purpose but for coloring, snacking and playing on. While on our trip this time we discovered another really cool toy that can be played with separately or paired with the magnetic board that comes with the Melissa and Doug set.

The Max Tow Truck, is a small self propelled toy truck that can be found in the toy department at your local Target or Walmart. Costing around $6 they are at a great price point for a toy that will entertain your little one for hours. My kids love pushing and pulling the truck and watching it race across the floor. It surprisingly has a lot of power behind it and works on a lot of surfaces including; pavement, laminate, wood and carpet. The trucks will propel forward or backward depending on what direction you send it. While pushing them along these trucks create a soft vroom sound that makes playing with them more realistic. Each truck comes with a flat bed and extra pieces such as cargo, oil barrels or traffic cones made for setting up and knocking over.

The wheels have magnets in them so my kids love exploring what surfaces the trucks will stick to. For this reason I find that this truck makes it a successful travel toy when paired with the magnetic board. Hours of screen free fun will be spent zooming the truck on a board that is drop proof. I got a kick out of seeing my son tip the board upside down and side ways to watch the truck stick to the board or slide down the board with out falling off.

I hope you take my advice on this fun toy. Wishing you and yours much fun and happy travels.