After making a packing list and checking it twice, I look down and realize that my tootsies have been in hibernation mode for way too long. With less than an hour until embarking on vacation, I need some serious intervention for these little piggies. Something inexpensive, quick, easy and something that won’t get smudged or ruined after all my hard work. I look in my box of beauty supplies, desperate for a solution. The answer is right in front of my eyes…Jamberry’s! Jamberry’s are fashionable nail wraps that are super cute and very easy to use. The best part about them is that they last up to two weeks for manicures and six weeks for pedicures. Jamberry’s are the most durable choice for a two week trip in the humid south.

I don’t sell Jamberry’s, but I wanted to pass a long another travel secret. Most of my tips and tricks involve resources for the kids. However, today I want to take time to point out the importance of taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful. So despite all the chaos of packing, I decided to put my needs first and pamper myself. I sat down and enjoyed a quick mani/pedi. In just a few short minutes my fingers and toes looked like they had just spent a day at the spa.

Here are a few reasons why I like Jamberry’s: They are affordable and run about $15-$18 dollars a sheet, which is two manicures and pedicures. With over 300 designs, there are so many options to stay fashionable and unique. They have zero toxins or potent smells. They don’t chip or flake and last a long time.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit my friends website: She is knowledgable and extremely helpful. Unlike some entrepreneurs she isn’t a consultant to just make money. She enjoys helping women discover ways to feel beautiful and fashionable. I was timid about putting on a set of new Jamberry’s for fear I wouldn’t get them down right. Laura invited me over for some girl time and shared all her tips and tricks for getting the wraps on so they’d last long and look great.