I have to add this awesome resource to the list of things I wish were in Southern Maryland. Luckily Franconia, Virginia is less than an hour drive for us. I consider the small trek to Fairfax County more than worth it. For those who have never been to Our Special Harbor, I know you are wondering what the big deal is all about. If your little ones like to run through sprinklers or play in the water, they are sure to love this spray ground at Lee’s District Park.

One of the best parts about this play area full of water features is that it’s free! It’s not a typo; this is a free resource to families. The spray ground is county owned; however, has the quality and fun factor that of an expensive kids zone at a water park. I really couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a fee to get in.  

The design of Our Special Harbor features Chesapeake Bay themed decor such as; dumping crab baskets, a spraying osprey nest, Chessie the sea serpent, a lighthouse and sail boats. I love that sections are planned out for kids of different developmental levels. The beach zone towards the back is a quieter area with softer bubbles and an interactive water table for a younger crowd. Towards the front there are dump buckets, sprayers and canons for the older kids who love to get super soaked.

The park is fully enclosed by a gate except for the entrance of which there is always an attendant monitoring.  Park staff are there to keep track of signing guests in and making sure rules are being followed. No running is strictly enforced for safety.

Within the spray ground are four family style single stall bathrooms for toileting and changing cloths. An added bonus is the spray ground is located right next to a picnic area and awesome imagination style dry play ground. The park is a tree house theme with slides that look like hollowed tree stumps and jungle ropes courses. There is a section for smaller kids in the shade that has a nautical theme with light house and pirate ship slides.  

I loved this place and will definitely come back again. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t been before to check it out!


-It is mandatory that all children under age 15 wear water shoes. If you don’t have water shoes crocks and sandals with enclosed heels or straps on the back to secure feet are acceptable.

-The spray ground has a capacity of 249 people and it reaches it max quickly. I suggest coming ten minutes before it opens to get in line or coming between 12-2 which seems to be a slower time maybe because the target age kids are napping.

-Stay hydrated and protect your skin from the sun since there is little shade.


6601 Telegraph Road
Franconia, Virginia


Admission: Free