Two years ago we stumbled across a gem! Now every time we travel to Lancaster, PA we make it a priority to stop at The Speckled Hen. Located in the heart of Starsburg this charming cafe is known for its fresh, local and delicious menu. The Speckled Hen Coffee is the perfect place to get breakfast while vacationing in Lancaster because of its ideal location, atmosphere and appetizing menu. Some of their featured items include craft coffee, espresso and tea and an array of pastries and fresh off the skillet recipes that are fresh, local & simple.

One of the things I love the most about this cafe is its atmosphere. While at the same time as it being simple and elegant it is also warm and inviting. You can tell that The Speckled Hen is kid friendly and family focused by their ability to recognize the needs of parents and their little ones.  They truly show that they value families by incorporating a scrumptious and healthy kids menu, plethora of high chairs and children’s corner nearby tables so families can relax and unwind while children play.

It’s nice to enjoy delicacies and the beauty in little things; which most of the time as a mom I feel I’m not the audience typically catered to. At the Speckled Hen presentation is everything from fresh flowers on the table to heart shaped designs in the coffee, every thing has a special touch. I wish we had a place like this in Southern Maryland; with the only options being Star Bucks and Dunkin Donuts at home the Speckled Hen is definitely a special treat. 

Visit their website for a full menu, hours and address: http://www.speckledhencoffee.com/


A few years ago while visiting the Outer Banks my family and I had the chance to enjoy Duck Donuts. We were super excited to find out that a new location just opened up in Lancaster, PA. Our family LOVES fresh donuts.  We especial love Duck Donuts! 

When arriving you don’t have to worry about your favorite donuts selling out because the donuts are made fresh to order. When ordering you get to choose a glaze and toppings. Than you can step back and watch the process. It’s pretty cool to see the dough made, mixed, poured and cooked than dipped in a glaze and drizzled with toppings. The donuts are placed in a box and are ready to eat. They are always served fresh and warm! 

Calories don’t count on vacation so I always get at least two and a hot cup of coffee to pair with. I also love how darn cute the store is. Murals and posters of a duck character and quotes are displayed around the restaurant. They are whimsical and hilarious- this place is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Lancaster, PA – Overlook Town Center