If I could slow down time for a moment, I would.  How does time fly by so fast? Seems like yesterday I first met my darling baby boys and yet they are getting so big. I see their pictures as infants and miss those chubby cheeks and toothless baby smiles. “Enjoy every moment, it goes by fast,” is the advice every veteran mom has given me. I know I am embracing it and making moments count. But still, I wish I could hold them and kiss them and enjoy these younger years a little longer. Tonight I will kiss them goodnight twice and when they ask for hugs this week I will embrace them longer. Hopefully I will get the opportunity each night to savor the memories made each day so that they linger in my mind for a life time. I keep a journal by my bed and write down little things they do that make me laugh and smile. Tonight’s entry will hopefully hold me accountable to continue being diligent in my journaling on their growth.